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International students

Welcome to Trollhättan! Eidar offers accommodation in close cooperation with University West. We manage more than 460 student housings. And we are continuing to build more. It contributes to Trollhättan being one of the few cities in Sweden that meet the guarantee of housing for students. Eidar provides both apartments and shared accommodations.

Student accommodations to international students

On the map you can see and read about the student accommodations that Eidar offer. Housing application for exchange and degree students is handled by University West.

Offer of student accommodations 

When your application to University West has been approved you will receive an offer of a suitable accommodation. We will send you the offer by email and you need to confirm within two working days to secure your accommodation. Please note that if you reject or do not confirm our offer you can no longer apply for student housing via Eidar.

  • The offer you receive applies only to you. This means that if you want to bring your family or partner to Sweden, you must look for housing in another way.
  • The student accommodation is offered for a limited period, while your studies at University West are ongoing.
  • Whether your apartment is rented furnished or unfurnished is shown in the offer.

Your accommodation

  • The rent is paid monthly in advance. You can pay from abroad
  • Through University West you have a valid home insurance.
  • When you rent furnished, smoking and pets are prohibited.
  • Internet (100Mbit) is included in the rent. To get online, connect your computer or router to the network socket. Router and network cable is not provided by Eidar.
    At Lantmannavägen 38 wifi is included in the rent, to get online connect to the network with a password you receive. If you have problems with TV or internet, or if you want to increase the speed or buy another service, contact Telenor's support 020 -222 222.

As a tenant, you have an obligation to take good care of your apartment. This means that you need to take care of the apartment and be careful so that no unnecessary damage occurs. The duty of care applies to both the apartment and the common areas. Note that smoking is strictly forbidden in the apartments and in the buildings. Read more about how to take care of your apartment

Ending your agreement

In most cases, your contract has been cancelled already when you sign it. If you wish to change your cancellation date you must give notice in writing at least 1 calendar month before moving out. Please note that this only applies if you wish to terminate your contract earlier. If you wish to extend your stay you need to contact University West. 

If you don´t have an end date on your contract you have three months termination period as a degree student and one month as a exchange student. You can terminate your agreement on My Pages.

Eidar will inspect your apartment and you will be held responsible for any costs if the apartment is damaged. You are responsible for cleaning the apartment and any shared areas before you leave.

Return keys

Leave the keys at Eidar Center, Lantmannavägen 92, no later than 11 o´clock on the day of leaving.