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Studenthousings at Lantmannavägen 12-14

Lantmannavägen 12 & 14

Most of Trollhättan’s international students rent their room or private apartment at Lantmannavägen in the Kronogården neighborhood. Here Eidar offers 144 rooms in 75 apartments spread over two separate buildings, at a convenient bus and bicycle distance from University West (2 km).

At Lantmannavägen 12 & 14 there is both rooms in shared apartments where you live together with 2-3 other students, and private apartments where you live by yourself. All the apartments are furnished, bed, desk, chair and a small table in the bedroom, kitchenware, table and chairs in the kitchen, armchair/couch and table in the living room and the necessary cleaning equipment is included.

All apartments except the studio apartments have a balcony.

Renovated apartment at Lantmannavägen

The student accommodation at Lantmannavägen 12 & 14 is conveniently located close to a supermarket, pizzeria, kiosk, hairdresser and a outdoor gym.

The apartments at Lantmannavägen 12 is being renovated in the autumn 2020 with new kitchens, windows, apartmentdoors and ventilation. The common laundry room is also being renovated in 2020. At Lantmannavägen 14 the renovation starts in the beginning of 2021. 


The rent i s between 3 500- 6 700 SEK. Heating, electricity, hot and cold water, broadband internet (100Mbit) and detergent and rinse aid is included in the rent (the washing machines are self-dosing). The rent is payed monthly in advance.


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Lantmannavägen 12 & 14

144 rooms in 75 apartments

  • 14 studio apartments with kitchenette and living room.
    Area 52 sq, one 65 sq.
  • 28 shared apartments to share with one other students with private bedrooms and shared kitchen, bath/wc and living room.
    Area 64 sq, 56 private bedrooms about 12 sq.
  • 33 shared apartments to share with two other students, with private bedrooms and shared kitchen, bath/wc and living room.
    Area 79 sq, 74 private bedrooms about 10-12 sq.


Fakta om bostaden

Number of studentrooms:
Number of apartments:
52-79 sq
3 500-6 700 SEK
Included in rent:
Heating, water and broadband internet (100Mbit) is included in the rent
Lantmannavägen 12 & 14


Distance to University West:
2 km
Laundry room:
In separate building between Lantmannavägen 12 and 14
Bicycle parking:
In the basement
Parking space:
Possibility to rent a parking space in front of the building