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Degree students

Student accommodations for degree students in Trollhättan

Degree students

Eidar manages more than 460 student housings. And we are continuing to build more. It contributes to Trollhättan being one of the few cities in Sweden that meet the guarantee of housing for students. University West brings together 11 500 students from near and far.

Welcome to Trollhättan!

Trollhättan were named “Student city of the year” in 2014 by the Swedish National Union of Students (SFS). Eidar provides both apartments and shared accommodations.

Allocation of accommodation

Eidar offers accommodation to International degree students in close cooperation with University West. Since the number of student rooms is limited, we will reserve a suitable accommodation for you as soon as University West has confirmed that you are entitled to a student room and all necessary documents are available.

We will send you an offer by email and you need to confirm within two working days in order to secure your accommodation. Please note that if you reject or do not confirm our offer you can no longer apply for student housing via Eidar.

Worth knowing!

  • All student accommodation managed through Eidar is limited to single occupant households (one-person allowed). This means that if you want to bring your partner or family to Sweden with you, you will not receive an offer for accommodation from Eidar.
  • We allocate accommodation on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • You must have a valid home insurance.